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Commonwealth Adds IT, Information Security Leaders By Jeff Berman |February 03, 2021 at 04:39 PM The firm says its latest appointments will help its growth strategy. Your article was successfully shared with the contacts you provided. Commonwealth Financial has made two key additions to its information technology and information security leadership teams as it preps for future growth. Mukund Ravipaty was named chief information security officer, while Garreth Speer was named vice president, IT infrastructure. “Both positions will be instrumental in broadening Commonwealth’s cloud technology strategy and enhancing its security posture as the firm looks to augment its current advisor-facing infrastructure and accelerate its innovation in 2021,” it said Wednesday. Ravipaty joins Commonwealth from National Grid, where he worked for nearly 10 years in a variety of roles including, according to his LinkedIn profile. Titles he held at National Grid included, most recently, global head of cyber product, according to Commonwealth. He is also an adjunct professor at Boston College. At Commonwealth, Ravipaty will be responsible for building on and maintaining a corporate information security management program to ensure that data assets are protected, the company said. He will work directly with Commonwealth business units you can try these out to “facilitate security risk assessments and management processes while developing and enhancing an information security management framework,” it said. “Commonwealth’s commitment to an information security program that is comprehensive, enterprise wide, and cross functional, along with a positive, people-centric culture, is exactly where I want to be,” Ravipaty said in a statement. Speer, meanwhile, joins Commonwealth from Parsley Energy in Austin, Texas, where he was director of infrastructure and operations since July 2019, according to his LinkedIn profile . He will be tasked with continuing to migrate Commonwealth’s applications and infrastructure to cloud technology, as well as overseeing cloud infrastructure and managed service providers, the firm said. Speer is “looking forward to hearing from our community of advisors, their staff, and their clients so we can continue to offer technology that makes sense for the way advisors run their business today and in the future,” he said in the announcement. Ravipaty and Speer will report to Miriam Manning, chief information officer of Commonwealth, who oversees Commonwealth’s technology team. “Enhancing our infrastructure as we grow and evolve and reinforcing a comprehensive enterprise information security program are two critical elements of our IT strategy,” Manning said. “Mukund and Garreth’s breadth and depth of experience will allow us to continue to enhance our current advisor-facing technology solutions, as well as enable future innovation.” Commonwealth’s business solutions empower more than 2,000 independent financial advisors across the U.S., it said.

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The quarters ended in March 2020 and December 2019 saw the company earn 6 cents and 30 cents, respectively. For this year, consensus Wall Street estimates see NatWest earning 38 cents a share. For 2022, that’s predicted to increase to 53 cents a share. There’s no guarantee NatWest will one day appreciate and graduate from penny stock status, but being profitable is a good start. Banco Bradesco (BBD) Chart by TradingView Banco Bradesco is based in Brazil, providing a wide range of banking products and financial services. In 2020, BBD posted results of 42 cents a share. Analysts predict that this will grow to 53 cents this year, 57 cents next year and 61 cents for fiscal 2023. This company is followed by three of the biggest Wall Street Investment Banks. Bank of America, JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley all have analysts producing research about Banco Bradesco. 7 Overvalued Stocks Investors Just Don’t Get Tired Of They believe BBD shares are undervalued and all three have it rated as a ‘strong buy.’ The target price is $7, about 45% higher than the current price level. BG Partners (BGCP) Chart by TradingView BGC Partners is a brokerage firm and financial technology company. It offers various brokerage products and services, including securities such as bonds, foreign exchange, equities, commodities and futures. This company has benefited from the boom the stock market. As the market rallies, trading volume increases and that’s where BGC makes its money. As you can see on the chart above, shares have rallied from levels around $2.50 in November to levels around $4.50 at present. The company is expected to report earnings of around 56 cents are share when it posts its full year 2020 results. Analysts expect large growth from there. For this year, estimates are 69 cents a share.